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June 11, 2007


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mary fernandez

Im from Tocumbo and i also own Michoacanas, i live in Texas and have 4 stores, you did a wonderful story, thank you for that, my mom and Anita Alcazar were friends, she was my godmother for confirmation and a very nice lady, my nickname is Baby and really enjoyed your article,we are very proud of what we do, im glad you went to our town and like it so much, we love it, and yes, we go every Christmas, Tocumbo is our pride. thank you


Oh, wow. Just WOW!

What an entry...

Marsha Purser

I would love to buy paletas by the case in every flavor.
I am having a very hard time finding the Mexican brand ones and will not buy the designer type sold at Whole Foods.. Where can I find these wonderful frozen fruit popsickles and possible at a good price by the case? Contact me.. 92111 zip code in San Diego.
Marsha, why not go across the border to Tijuana and ask at the nearest La Michoacana? They'd be thrilled to sell you as many as you want. Let me know how it turns out!


Wonderful story on the history of paletas. I just found paletas in the grocery stores recently. I bought my first box, and am now on my third box! My favorite is La Indita Michoacana mamey flavor. They are made in Modesto, California.

Roberto Alcazar Jr.

My father was born and raised in Tocumbo and is Ignacio's cousin. I remember as a little boy the stories that my father would share and how Ignacio was able to grow his business. My uncle Benjamin Alcazar also had a paleteria in Tocumbo. There are many stories to tell but would take so much time, it's good to read about my families history.

Roberto Alcazar Jr.

Panfila Luna Flores hija de Socorro Flores

Para Phillip Alcazar de parte de Panfila Luna Flores:
Mi mamá trabajó con Ignacio y Luis por mucho tiempo en la ciudad de Mexico. Mamá me llevó a la casa de Luis y conocí su esposa. La casa de mamá está en la Boulevard en la
esquina. Soy prima de La Borona e Amanda. Cada vez
que iba Luis a Tocumbo pasaba y saludaba a mi mamá
Mamá se murió en San Diego California.

Saludos Panfilita

Phillip Alcazar

Thank you for the talk about my Uncle Ignacio. He had helped a lot of people back in the early years starting them with their business. They are the best tasting ice creams!

Phillip, your note made my day. Thank you so much for your comment!


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