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    We will never forget the tour of Michoacan you took us on. It was, and still is one of our most cherished memories of our life's travels to over 43 countries so far. Unbelievable! Amazing! Professionalism beyond compare, oh and your encyclopedic knowledge of Mexican history and culture is truly amazing. Love, Love, Love your tours! --Larry Orinovsky, Tucson, Arizona
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    Cristina Potters is for me the single most important person for inspiring love for and appreciation of México. Her food blog is justly one of the most famous and revered in the world but her influence extends way beyond that. She has spent decades tirelessly educating other expats and her ability to move seamlessly between cultures and to help any visitor to or resident of México appreciate and respect their good fortune is remarkable. And when it comes to speaking truth to power or defending the powerless you’ll never find a fiercer friend. All of which is to say if you enjoyed this post please spend hours reading her writing. She is a treasure. --Kevin Knox, Tucson, Arizona
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    "It was inspiring to be around all your knowledge and network of wonderful people that you got together to show us the magic of Michoacán! I can see why you love it so much. Not only is it physically beautiful but the spirit of the people is engaging and contagious. We left feeling so well received and in awe of the talent of Michoacanos, and we felt that we learned so much! ! Everyone at the school was impressed by the dulces [candies] and the artesanías [arts and crafts] we brought back. If it hadn't been for you, we never could have seen and done so much...You are incredible!"...Susana Trilling, Seasons of My Heart, Oaxaca.
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September 06, 2008


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James Ashe

My wife is from Querendaro.We go there every year for the chile festival.A beautiful place with wonderful people

eloy cortez

Hasta ahora lo mejor q. he visto yo diria muy profecional felicidades cristina. la feria del chie tolmada d. la mano deel 15 d. agosto fiesta de la virjen las mejores fechas para visitar querendaro hermoso la tierra d. dios donde c. acuesta uno y amanecen dos.

victor m glez

saludos a la raza de querendaro mich les saluda su amigo monkiki pasen la chido en la feria del chile no tomen tanto mescal a pero coman mucho chile saludos


saludos para toda la jente de querendaro michoacan mi nombre es raul soto de el real de otzumatlan.


I'm also from Querendaro and I love that someone has this great site. I love to see more pictures. Especially from the jardin. Proud to have grown up in that area:)


Gracias por el portal ojala pudieran poner mas fotos yo tambien soy de Querendaro saludos para todo los de alla

jazmin g

I am very happy that querendaro have the real web page and all people can know the we exist and we are very producted people . jazz.

Nick Matyas

it's a nice posting, i like it, thank you for this kind of posting,
this is a real good page.


La feria del chile rocks q linda es especialmente the gente y ojala i will go to visit all my friends in querendaro


Saludos a todos los d querendaro especialmente para jorge luis rodriguez,el peque y para lupe y tere garcia

bath mate

very good posting. thank you. :)

bath mate

good posting.i like it. thank u. :)-


I from Querendaro, Michoacan. I live now in LA and
I am very happy to see this pictures and this pictures make me think in that delicious chilacas con crema and the chiles capones thank you for writing about my lovely Querendaro and about La feria del chile. I invite everybody to go and enjoy La feria del Chile. I promese you, you going to have a very good experience and alot of fun.

star trek voyager

I love your blog so much, and there are just some differences with others'. Hope there will be more wonderful things in your blog. Happy every day!


OH! Do those chiles look delicious!

Thanks so much for the recipe. It's definitely something I'm going to have to try out...if I can find chiles chilaca here in Guadalajara. So many places have only the usual suspects. :(

Steven Miller

Wow, great photo of the wee ballet folklórico kids. Very nice! - Steve, from Ajijic


Oh yummy! Green chilacas began showing up here (N Ca) about a year ago which made me happy as they are probably my favorite. Your photos, as usual, are great. Lately I've been fooling around a lot with stuffed dried chiles of all types (toasted, seeded, marinated, stuffed) and these look amazing. Gonna try, right now.
Thanks Cristina, a beautiful work,


Wow, those chiles are definitely my cup of tea. I have to backtrack and read the recipe, but wow, the color is beautiful. Thank you.

Bob Mrotek

This is a great post! You have a wonderful way of explaining things with both words and colors. I was halfway through reading the recipe and I decided that I must try it. I showed it to my wife and she agreed. I will let you know how it turned out. Right now I must go to the market for my flor de calabaza :)

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